Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund

The Caribbean High Interest Fund is our primary Barbados dollar fixed income mutual fund.

Objective and Fund Details

Who should invest in this fund?

Investors seeking consistent returns with minimal volatility over the medium or long-term. The Fund may be suitable for investors with a low-moderate risk tolerance and a corresponding return objective.

What does this fund invest in?

The Caribbean High Interest Fund aims to achieve the highest level of income compatible with the preservation of capital by investing in medium to high grade debt securities issued by corporate and government entities in the Caribbean and internationally.

Redeemable Accumulation Shares

The Fund does not pay dividends as the income is retained to the benefit of the net asset value of that class of shares.

Fund Strategy

The Fund invests in a portfolio of bonds and other income producing assets to achieve a return consistent with preserving capital. The portfolio is diversified as much as possible by issuer, term and geography. It typically includes bonds issued by governments, companies, supranational and other entities. In all cases there is a focus on assessing and taking risks appropriate to the prospective return. Portfolio structure reflects the Manager’s outlook for interest rates and the economy as well as the prices and yields of currently available securities. The Manager may buy or sell holdings to adjust the portfolio’s average maturity or credit exposures as market conditions warrant, or as alternative securities become available.

What happens when you invest in this fund?

The Fund has weekly dealing. At the end of each week a valuation of the market value of the Fund’s investments, and a net asset value (NAV) per share is calculated and published on our website. Investors may purchase shares of the Fund (invest) at any time for that week’s NAV. Similarly, if you are selling shares (redeeming), you would do so at that week’s NAV and you would receive payment the following week.
The Fund provides quarterly and annual reports to investors, detailing Fund performance and positioning of the investment portfolio. Statements reflecting the number of shares you hold, the net asset value per share and current market value, are made available to shareholders quarterly.

How much does it cost to invest in this fund?

Minimum investments

Initial investment: $500
For subsequent investments: $100*

*Currently all subsequent investments in this Fund are through monthly savings plans only.


Fees and expenses paid by the Fund. Quoted returns are net of these fees.
Manager: 0.75% per annum
Custodian & Administrator (combined):
0.20% on first $30M in net assets
0.175% on next $50M in net assets
0.15% on amounts over $80M in net assets

Investor Redemption Charge

2% for funds held less than 6 months
Up to 1% for funds held less than 6 months – 2 years
Nil after 2 years

Initial Charges



Important information about this fund is contained in our prospectus which we encourage you to read before making an investment. The indicated returns are net of all fees and expenses. The returns are historical and are not necessarily indicative of future performance. Investors should be aware that this is an equity fund and as such there are risks involved where the value of the Fund’s shares may go down as well as up.