Fortress Global Opportunity Wealth Fund

Objective and Fund Details

Who should invest in this fund?

Investors with US$100,000+ seeking an “all in one” fund.

This Fund is offered by prospectus only. It may not be sold to US persons.

What does this fund invest in?

The Fortress Global Opportunity Wealth Fund invests across a mix of stocks and bonds with a 60%/40% allocation. The Fund invests mainly across the Fortress funds for global equity exposure and US fixed income exposure. The Fund also allocates to specialized external managers for global fixed income and small cap exposure.

Fund Strategy

The fund balances a long-term growth strategy with wealth preservation through 60% global equities, 40% fixed income asset mix. At a lower risk than core equities and higher yield than bonds, the fund also allocates to specialized managers for global corporate bonds, small cap equities and commodities.

What happens when you invest in this fund?

The Fund has bi-monthly dealing. At the middle and end of the month, a valuation of the market value of the Fund’s investments, and a net asset value (NAV) per share is calculated and published on our website. Investors may purchase shares of the Fund (invest) at any time for that week’s NAV. Similarly, if you are selling shares (redeeming), you would do so at that period’s NAV and you would receive payment the following week.

The Fund provides quarterly and annual reports to investors, detailing fund performance and positioning of the investment portfolio. Statements reflecting the number of shares you hold, the net asset value per share and current market value, are made available to shareholders quarterly.

How much does it cost to invest in this fund?

Minimum investments:

Initial investment: USD $100,000
For subsequent investments: $10,000

Fees and expenses paid by the Fund (Quoted returns are net of these fees.):

Manager: 0.65% per annum of net assets
Administrator: 0.10% per annum of net assets

Investor Redemption Charge:

Within 6 months of purchase: 2%
All other times: 0.2%