About Fortress Fund Managers

Company Profile

Fortress Fund Managers is a Barbados-based investment manager, providing top-ranked returns, open communication, and accessible service to our clients since 1996. We exist to help our clients save and grow their money for the future. We focus on delivering two simple things: results and peace of mind.

We offer financial products and services for individuals and institutions. The company manages and administers 13 different mutual funds with regional and global investments. Fortress also manages and administers defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans for over 70 companies and their employees.

Fortress is part of the Cave Shepherd Group, a publicly traded business that began in 1906 and is now one of the most widely recognised in the Caribbean.

Company History


Founded On

Fortress Fund Managers Ltd. opens its doors on December 9th, 1996 launching its first fund the Fortress Caribbean Growth Fund, investing mainly in equities in the Caribbean region.

Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited

The new fund manager introduces its second fund, Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited. It was structured as a closed-end fund, investing mainly in real estate; and was listed on both the Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchanges.

Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund

Fortress offers its first fixed income mutual fund with the launch of the Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund in May 2002.

Fortress Caribbean Pension Fund Limited

The company creates the Fortress Caribbean Pension Fund Limited in September 2003, to offer defined contribution pension plans as a more effective way of managing plan assets. The Fund offers plan members the choice of three distinct classes of shares, each with specific investment and risk objectives.

Fortress Global Value Fund

Giving investors direct access to U.S. dollar investments, the company introduces the Fortress Global Value Fund in November 2006 as a U.S. dollar fund domiciled in the British Virgin Islands.

Fortress Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Fortress adds to investors’ pension saving options with the introduction of the Fortress Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) in December 2007. Through this personal retirement plan, investors can invest in Fortress’ Growth, High Interest or Pension Fund.

Specialised Management of U.S. & International Portfolios

In 2009, Fortress begins offering specialised management of U.S. and international portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals.

Fortress Global Funds

To make it more convenient for investors to benefit from the range of global strategies available, the company develops the Fortress Global Funds in early 2013.

Fortress OAM Overseas Fund

The company replaces the Fortress Global Value Fund with the Fortress OAM Overseas Fund in July 2013. It offers investors access to specialised management of European and Asian equities via funds managed by Overseas Asset Management.

Fortress Caribbean Property Fund SCC

With the approval of shareholders, the fund manager converts the Fortress Caribbean Property Fund to a segregated cell company – Fortress Caribbean Property Fund SCC with two cellular funds (Value Fund and Development Fund) in September 2013. Each trade separately on the Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchanges.

Innova Lifestage Income Plan

Fortress becomes the first in Barbados to offer an income drawdown option with the launch of the Innova Lifestage Income Plan. The plan allows continued investment of pension savings and is an alternative to fixed rate annuities for post-retirement income.

Fortress Fixed Income Fund

The fund manager introduces the Fortress Fixed Income Fund in August 2017, making it the seventh sub-fund of the Fortress Global Funds.

Eppley Fund Managers Limited

Fortress Fund Managers Limited and Altman Real Estate sell their unlisted shares in Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited SCC. Fortress remains an investor in the property fund, which is then renamed and managed by the purchaser, Eppley Fund Managers.

Fortress Multi-Employer Pension Plan (MEP)

The company launches the Fortress Multi-Employer Pension Plan (MEP) in November 2019. The MEP allows multiple employers to collectively contribute to a pension fund that is independently administered. Employers get to tailor a pension plan to their specific needs without the hassle of managing it.

Fortress World Growth Fund & Fortress World Fixed Income Fund

Fortress introduces a new pair of US dollar mutual funds, the Fortress World Growth Fund and the Fortress World Fixed Income Fund providing equity and fixed income investment solutions respectively.