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What we do

Investing is all we do. Investment management is our only business, so achieving results for our clients is our only objective. Indeed, this is what sets us apart from those financial firms which offer investment banking, stock brokerage and other services which can lead to conflicts of interest. In a nutshell, we’re experts at what we do because investing is all we do.

About our funds

Fortress Fund Managers offers 11 mutual funds as well as group and personal pension plans (RRSPs) to suit your financial needs – whether you’re looking to preserve and grow your own assets or working on behalf of an institution.

Through our mutual funds we aim to achieve consistent long-term returns for our clients. We do this by applying sound, disciplined processes to our investments in equities, fixed income and real estate. Our mix of Caribbean and global mutual funds allows your money to be invested in the Caribbean and across the globe, managed by our experts based in Barbados.

Fortress' Performance

The funds’ strategies have been delivering results and achieving their objectives going back to 2019.

The Fortress funds have some of the strongest long term track records in the industry. Our focus is as much on managing risk in the investment portfolio as it is on positioning for gains – history shows that both are essential to get through the short term “noise” of the markets, and grow wealth sustainably over time.

See our current performance data, the latest NAVs and quarterly reports.